How to Live in the Moment and Not Just Photograph it

  1. When you’re tempted to say “Go play” to your children, choose to say, “Come here.”cropped-scripture-doodle1.jpg
  2. When your long and lanky almost 10 year old wants to sit in your lap – you let her.
  3. Sit in the bathroom floor during bath time, even if the kids are big enough to do it on their own.
  4. Look people in their eyes.
  5. Make sure you smile.
  6. Never pass up an opportunity to talk to your children.
  7. Read, read and read some more.
  8. Tell your kids family stories – like the time their grandpa, as a kid, fell in the family outhouse.
  9. Bake something.
  10. Be silly.
  11. Dance in the living room.
  12. Play a board game.
  13. Go through old family photos.
  14. Roll the windows down and turn the radio up.
  15. Put down the camera.
  16. Remember: If you didn’t put it on Facebook or Instagram, it still happened.
  17. Be intentional about living.
  18. Take note of the beauty in your every day. Count your blessings.
  19. See yourself in light of your Maker and not your mistakes.
  20. Laugh out loud.
  21. Embrace grace – for others and for yourself.
  22. Leave your phone at home.
  23. Sit at a coffee shop and people watch.
  24. Write a shoes
  25. Take the time to really see the people around you.
  26. Don’t worry about crumbs in the floor and piles of dirty laundry – there will come a day when your home is clean and quiet and you will be kind of sad.
  27. Don’t stop dreaming.
  28. Plan a vacation.
  29. Stop and listen to the sounds of life around you.
  30. Breathe deeply.
  31. Hug someone.
  32. Step away from the computer.
  33. Celebrate something every day.
  34. Take a walk.
  35. Sit on a swing.
  36. Drink something hot.
  37. Don’t forget how to play.
  38. Take pictures – but make sure you are actually in some of the photos.
  39. Invite someone into your home.
  40. Sing out loud.
  41. Keep traditions alive or begin new ones.
  42. Be creative.
  43. Be grateful.
  44. Keep your word.
  45. Be a forgiver.

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