Psalm 15: The Ideal Worshiper

Psalm 15

Who may worship on your holy hill (vs 1)?

Who is welcomed into the presence of the Lord? I have spent quite some time meditating on these characteristics of the ideal worshiper. Keeping in mind that this is the ideal – the goal – something we strive toward.

👉 Someone who walks blamelessly.

👉 Someone who does what is right.

👉 Someone who speaks truth in his heart.

👉 Someone who refuses to gossip.

👉 Someone who doesn’t harm his neighbors.

👉 Someone who doesn’t speak evil of his friends.

👉 Someone who honors faithfulness.

👉 Someone who keeps his promises even when it hurts.

👉 Someone who lends money without expecting interest.

👉 Someone who can’t be bribed to lie against the innocent.

Lord, help me to be the type of worshiper you desire – one that is welcomed into your presence.

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Psalm 14: How to Be What God is Looking For

Psalm 14

David said that the Lord looked down from heaven seeking a certain type of person.

• A person who understands
• A person who seeks him

David then used the opposites of those two characteristics to describe a foolish person.

• A person without knowledge
• A person who doesn’t call upon the Lord

Don’t we want to be the kind of people the Lord is looking down and hoping to see? I certainly do.

👉 How do I gain understanding and knowledge?

I read God’s Word.

👉 How do I seek him and call upon him?

I pray.

God isn’t looking down on us and seeking people who have it all together. Or have all the answers. Or who can fix the world’s problems. Or who never make mistakes. Or who don’t have any baggage.

He is looking for those who spend time in Scripture and in prayer. It’s the only way to gain understanding and to remain grounded in this crazy world.

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But as for you…

“But as for you, continue in what you have learned and have firmly believed…” 2 Timothy 3:14

As for you…

Whatever craziness is swirling around – whatever foolishness is being shared – whatever fear is spreading like wildfire – whatever other people are choosing to do, say or think…

As for you, continue in what you have learned and have firmly believed.

When the gossip is flowing and the anger is rising…

As for you…

When folks begin to panic and the news is downright scary…

As for you…

When tongues are wagging, fingers are pointing and you’re feeling under attack…

As for you…

Nothing that happens externally changes what has already happened internally. We know what we have learned and we know what we believe and that is our focus regardless of how we’re feeling.

Don’t get sucked in, sweet friends. Remember what you’ve been taught and what you believe.

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Psalm 13: Feelings, Fears, and Faith

Psalm 13

👉 Feelings

David felt forgotten by God. He felt all alone. He felt sorrow deep in his bones. He felt positively shaken.

I can’t help but recall painful seasons in my life and think, “Yes, David. Me too.”

Have you ever felt forgotten? Alone? Sad? Shaken?

👉 Fears

Then, David expressed his fears. That this affliction may end in death? That the enemy would win?

All I have to do is close my eyes and I’m back in that place too.

Have you ever feared that this trial – whatever it may be – may just be the death of you? That the enemy is going to win this time? That your foes would rejoice at your misfortune?

👉 Faith

Yet, in the midst of his feelings and fears, David chose to focus on his faith.

He knew that God’s love was steadfast – that he had not, in fact, left him or forgotten him. He believed in the salvation of the Lord. He had experienced the Lord’s faithfulness in the past.

We all have feelings and we all have fears. But it is vital, in the midst of a painful trial, that these things pale in comparison to our faith.

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What’s the worst job you ever had?

Random story time.

I can not think of anything I like less than talking on the phone. Seriously, when the phone rings, I want to play dead.

My issues are severe enough that there was a 12-month period in time when I was a telemarketer for a credit card collections company and it was like working in one of the inner circles of hell. Assuming, of course, that the inner circles of hell come with name badges and assigned parking.

I am not even kidding when I tell you that I would log into my computer each day, put on my headset and call exactly zero people. That’s right. I would sit in my little cubicle talking to nobody. Sometimes, in an effort to appear productive, I would leave a message on my own cell phone sternly advising myself to call me back in order to make payment arrangements.

I never did call myself back, by the way.

👉 What’s the worst job you ever had?

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