2 Peter 1:16-21 Two Elements of Sharing the Gospel

2 Peter 1:16-21

I will always be in love with the passion of Peter. He couldn’t help but tell others what his own eyes had seen regarding Jesus. And he couldn’t help but share the words given to him from God through the Holy Spirit.

If we believe what we say we believe about Jesus – how could we possibly remain silent? We should be passionately telling others about what we have seen and heard.

Then, Peter encourages them to pay attention to the words of Scripture because they are not the words of man but of God.

This is the telling of the gospel, friends.

  1. This is what I have seen Jesus do in my life.
  2. This is what God says in his Word about Jesus.

Peter says that we should be paying attention to the Word like we would a lamp in a dark place. This makes me think of Psalm 119:105 – perhaps Peter was thinking of it too.

“Your word is a lamp to my feet and a light to my path.”

As the world grows darker – we don’t cower in fear – we draw closer to the light. Get in the Word, y’all.

👉 Drop those emojis and Bitmojis below, sweet peeps, and tell me what you’ve seen Jesus do in your life!

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2 Peter 1:1-15 Qualities of a Fruitful Life

👉 Because we are still two weeks from doing 1 Peter together (this will begin on Thursday, April 29), I thought I would share my thoughts on 2 Peter until then. ♥️

2 PETER 1:1-15

When we come to faith in Christ (v 1) we are given everything we need for life and godliness (v 3). I love that Peter identifies himself as an apostle and then says, “because of the righteousness of Jesus Christ, our faith gives us all an equal standing.”

We all come to Jesus bankrupt and empty handed and we all become rich because of his righteousness. We then begin the process of becoming more and more like him (v 4).

Because of these precious and very great promises (v 4), we must make every effort (yes, effort!) to have lives marked by:

• virtue
• knowledge
• self control
• steadfastness
• godliness
• brotherly affection
• love

Without these qualities:

  • our lives / ministries will be ineffective and unfruitful
  • we become blind regarding the grace and mercy we have received and we will fail to offer grace and mercy to others

👉 Which of these traits do you need a little more of today?

Drop your favorite emoji below! I’ve missed seeing y’all’s responses!

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Good Friday Thoughts

As I have read 1 Peter no less than thirty times in the last few weeks – I’ve come to a conclusion.

It’s easy to love Jesus.

It’s harder to live for Jesus.

And, yet, the two are inseparable.

Peter says, “You believe in him. You love him. You have joy because of him.”

Yes! Yes! Yes!

Then Peter talks about sorrow and suffering and injustice and grief and trials and how, in the midst of it all, we are to endure and do good.

No. No. No.

How can we possibly do that?

“…Christ also suffered for you, leaving you an example, so that you might follow in his steps.” 1 Peter 2:21

Lord, give us the strength to follow your example. To suffer well. To endure graciously. To do good to the end. To one day see your face and be able to say, “I did it just like you showed me.”

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Proverbs 31 Open Your Mouth

Proverbs 31

After 30 proverbs – almost all containing some advice to limit our words and shut our mouths – I love that the book ended with the command:

Open your mouth (v 8).

Open your mouth (v 9).

There are times when we, as God’s people, are to speak up. Open your mouth, it says, for the causes of the voiceless and destitute. For the justice of the poor and needy.

Lord, give us wisdom to know when to be silent and when to speak up. ♥️

Thanks everyone for following along with me through Proverbs!

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Proverbs 30 : Silence Can Be Golden

Proverbs 30

The writer tells us about these four groups of people.

  1. the disrespectful (v 11)
  2. the hypocrites (v 12)
  3. the arrogant (v 13)
  4. the cruel (v 14)

Raise your hand if you immediately starting thinking of someone you know who falls into one of those categories.

👉 Study tip: when you read a passage on the wicked/foolish/arrogant, etc – don’t ask yourself, “Who do I know that fits this description?” That’s our tendency. Ask the Lord, “Does this describe me in any way?”

Because, the author here isn’t warning the reader to avoid such people. We all know to do that.

He says, “If you have been that person… (!!)…here is what you need to do.”

And what is his advice? Stop talking! Put your hand over your mouth if necessary! Just shut your trap!

How many of our troubles – our misunderstandings – our that came out way more harsh/obnoxious/arrogant than I intended scenarios – could have been prevented if we would just. stop. talking?

Every opportunity to speak is also an opportunity to remain silent, y’all. 😉

👉 Drop those sweet emojis below and maybe a little 🙋‍♀️ or 🤦‍♀️ if you could have saved yourself some heartache by keeping your mouth shut. 😉

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