Job 12:1-25

Job 12:1-25

👉 Jobs friends have acted as if they alone are wise (v 2). But Job reminded them of two realities that he had experienced.

  1. Sometimes the righteous suffer (v 4).
  2. Sometimes the wicked are at peace (v 6).

👉 All of creation knows that the Lord is in control (v 7-10).

👉 God:

• has wisdom, might, counsel, and understanding (v 13)

• withholds and sends water (v 15)

• strength, sound wisdom, the deceived, and the deceiver are all his (v 16)

• is greater than counselors, judges, kings, and priests (v 17-19)

• makes and destroys, gives and takes away (v 23-24)

♥️ Job was in great pain – both physical and spiritual. Yet, I love how – though sometimes he seemed tempted to doubt – he always came back to basic truths about God. In the midst of pain and suffering – we must preach the gospel to ourselves – remind our hearts of the greatness and goodness of God.

You are loved.

Job 9:1-35

Job 9:1-35

👉 Job’s Faith Speaks

God is:

• wise in heart (v 4)

• mighty in strength (v 4)

• removes mountains (v 5)

• shakes the earth (v 6)

• commands the sun (v 7)

• seals up the stars (v 7)

• stretched out the heavens (v 8 )

• made the constellations (v 9)

• does great things (v 10)

• is mighty and just (v 19)

These little glimpses of Job’s faith mean so much. I love that – even in passages where his faith seems to struggle (never disappear, mind you) but struggle – it’s almost always followed by these reminders of who God is to Job.

It’s this back and forth of –

This is what I feel…


This is what I know.

👉 Lamentations 3 is a beautiful example of this.

Verses 1-20 describe a man in absolute misery. But – verse 21 says, “But this I call to mind and therefore I have hope…”

He then goes on to recount the faithfulness, mercy, and love of the Lord.

He had to call it to mind. He had to remind himself. He had to choose to dwell on truth instead of trials.

I believe that’s what we see in Job. He acknowledges his suffering – and then calls to mind what he knows is true.

👉 What do you need to call to mind today?

Happy Friday, friends!

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Job 8:1-22

👉 Have you downloaded your copy of the Journal With Me – Proverbs digital book? It’s not too late!

Job 8:1-22

👉 Bildad makes some wrong assumptions regarding Job’s suffering.

  1. He assumes suffering is always a result of sin (v 4).
  2. He assumes that the pure and upright will be spared any suffering (v 5-6).
  3. He assumes painful trials are an indication that God has rejected Job (v 20).

And it’s easy to shake our heads at Bildad and ask, “How could he think that?”

But – remember – we are privy to what took place behind the scenes. He is not. Also – how often do we think some variation of these thoughts when life is particularly painful?

This is why it is vitally important to have godly friends speaking truth into our lives.

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Job 7:1-21

Job 7:1-21

👉 Job is experiencing inner turmoil:

• longs for
• who looks
• emptiness
• misery

👉 Job is experiencing external distress:

• sleepless
• worms and dirt on flesh
• skin hardens
• skin breaks out

👉 Because of this, he speaks from his feelings and not facts:

• my eye will never see good again
• he who goes to the grave doesn’t come up again

👉 Part of comforting grieving people is 1 – don’t judge their words when their spirits are in anguish (v 11) and 2 – remind them of what is true.

Remind them of God’s character. Tell them who they are in Christ. Recite the promises of scripture to them.




When the time is appropriate.

Help them remember.

You are loved.

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Job 6:1-30

Job 6:1-30

👉 Job admitted that his outburst in chapter three was a bit rash (v 3) and seemed to acknowledge the sovereignty of God in all of the devastation that had come to him (v 4). The fact that he would prefer God to “loose his hand” tells me that he did believe God still held him even in such pain and loss.

👉 As for Eliphaz’s words, Job found them unpleasant and unsatisfying (v 5-7.) The group of friends as a whole had proven unreliable and unhelpful (v 14-18). In fact, Job found Eliphaz to be unkind (v 14) and offering nothing in terms of comfort (v 21).

👉 Job said that Eliphaz saw his calamity and was afraid (v 21). What was he afraid of?

Job clarified by saying…

• I didn’t ask you for a gift.
• I didn’t ask for any of your wealth.
• I didn’t ask you to deliver me.
• I didn’t ask you to redeem me.

Job implied that Eliphaz was afraid that comforting Job might cost him something. That something might be asked of him.

[Point to ponder: Do we avoid people who are hurting because we are afraid it may cost us something?]

Happy Wednesday, friends. You are loved.

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