What You Are is Amazing

We all want to matter. We want to do amazing things. We want to be amazing.

When I worked full time, people would always ask me how I could “do it all.” I had a high profile position and I had three kids and I was in grad school and I guess, to the world, that was impressive. Then, I made a huge change. I walked away from that job (and the salary and benefits that it held.) I put the Masters Degree on a shelf in the closet and I became “just a mom.” Funny how the world insists on using that word – just.

I do it, too.

The hubs comes home from work and asks what we did that day.

Oh, I just did some laundry.breakfast dishes

We just did our school work.

I just emptied the dishwasher, watched Doc McStuffins and made the beds – all for the hundredth time.

There is no way around it. Whether you work or not. Whether you have one kid or ten. There are tasks that must be performed over and over and over again. And, maybe, it doesn’t feel amazing in the moment. It probably feels monotonous and menial.

You find yourself running bath water, cleaning up supper dishes, putting another load of laundry in the machine, and you think you have nothing left to give.

But, then, you decide to make cookies because you know the smiles it will bring to little faces. You tuck small ones in beds and read stories and give kisses and say prayers. You cover them up again in ten minutes when they get up to get one more drink of water. They don’t know. They don’t understand how you worry over them, how you pray over them and how you fear you are doing it all wrong. They don’t see you scouring the internet looking  for another way to make chicken in the crock pot.

What you do matters.

The baby rocking, boo boo kissing, story telling, tickle giving, and cookie baking – it matters. The night time praying, laundry doing, cartoon watching, scrambled egg making and sleep losing – it matters. It all adds up to something beautiful. You, mom, are something beautiful.

Nothing you do is insignificant.

You are not invisible.

Then those who feared the Lord spoke with one another. The Lord paid attention and heard them, and a book of remembrance was written before him of those who feared the Lord and esteemed his name. – Malachi 3:16

The Lord is paying very close attention. He sees the sacrifice. He knows the fears. He watches you rise each morning, shuffle to the coffee pot, and rally for another day.

He pays attention.

He hears.

He remembers.

You are not just a mom to him. What you are is just amazing. You are beautiful. You are generous. You are a servant. He sees everything you do – even those things other people do not notice or know about.

Carry on, girlfriend. It’s a wonderful work that you do.

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