Bring on the storm.

There’s a storm in Mark 4.

A real storm. With real danger.

Great winds. Breaking waves. Boat filling with water. (Mark 4:37)

It was not a figment of their imaginations. It was not an overreaction on their part. The disciples were greatly afraid and we would say, perhaps, rightly so.

But what exactly was their fear?

That they would die? That the ship would sink? That they would be late for supper?

I find it fascinating that their first words to Jesus weren’t, “What should we do?” Or “Help us.” Or, even, “Please calm the storm.”

“Teacher,” they cried, “do you not care?”

It was the same fear that Martha had in Luke 10:40. “Lord, do you not care?”

And, to the men in the boat – to their fear, Jesus responded, “Have you no faith?”

Faith in what?

In Him. In his care for them. In his ability and willingness to take care of them.

I couldn’t help but think that this is often what I am asking Jesus when I am in the midst of the storm. When things are going terribly astray. When I am rejected. When I feel lost and uncertain. When I cry out in fear.

Whatever my word choice may be – what I’m really asking is, “Jesus, do you not care?”

And he replies, “Have you no faith?”

If I have faith in Him and in His love for me – storms won’t overtake me. Rejection won’t break me. Failure won’t define me.

“Cast ALL your anxieties on him…”

Why, Peter? Why should we do that?

“…because He cares for you” (1 Peter 5:7).

Great winds?

Breaking waves?

Sinking boats?

Bring it on.

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1 Corinthians 15:1-11 Focus on the Fundamentals

1 Corinthians 15:1-11

Let’s review all the things that Paul has had to address with this church.

• divisions based on who baptized them
• differing levels of spiritual maturity
• the ministry of the apostles
• sexual immorality
• how to handle lawsuits
• principles for marriage and singleness
• idols/idolatry
• head coverings
• the Lord’s supper
• spiritual gifts

Yet, here towards the end of his letter, Paul wanted to remind them of what he called “of first importance.”


  1. Christ died.
  2. Christ was buried.
  3. Christ was raised.
  4. Christ was seen alive.

Paul told us in the previous chapter that God is not a God of confusion. How, then, does life get so confusing?

Life becomes complicated when we forget the fundamentals.

Lord, help us keep the main thing the main thing and not, as a former professor would say, “major in the minors.” May it always and only be about You.

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1 Corinthians 14 Love and Build Up One Another

1 Corinthians 14

👉 Pursue love (v 1).

That’s how Paul introduced this portion of his letter. He had opinions on the pros and cons of the spiritual gifts of tongues and prophesy. But, first, he said, “love.”

There’s a reason chapter 13 came before 14.

👉 Let all things be done for building up (v 26).

Wherever we fall on a variety of issues. However we differ in giftedness. Whatever our personal preferences.

Pursue love. Let all things be done for building up.

I think these guidelines would make the world a little easier to navigate for all of us. ♥️

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1 Corinthians 13 Do we look like love?

1 Corinthians 13

Do we – as Christ followers – look like love?

Are we patient?

Are we kind?

Do we envy?

Do we boast?

Are we arrogant?

Are we rude?

Do we insist on having our own way?

Are we irritable?

Are we resentful?

Does the truth make us rejoice?

Do we believe the best in people?

Do we maintain hope?

Do we endure?

👉 Do we look like love?

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1 Corinthians 12 The Body

1 Corinthians 12

Again, with the divisiveness within the church body! Y’all, there is a reason this personal letter from Paul to the believers in Corinth is in our Bible.

When I was in elementary school, I had this teacher that would always say, “It takes all kinds to make the world go round.” In other words, God made us all unique and he did it on purpose and it’s the way it’s all supposed to work. One God – all kinds of gifts, abilities, and awesomeness.

Here Paul addressed the variety of gifts and abilities within the church body. And I love that he points out the purpose of the many gifts – not for personal glory but for the “common good” (v 7).


• is individually gifted as God sees fit (v 11)

• has many parts working together (v 19)

• should not have division (v 25)

• should all care for one another (v 25)

• should suffer and rejoice together (v 26)

We are all different on purpose.

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