Jonah 2:1-10

Jonah 2:1-10

👉 “Then” Jonah prayed. ( v 1)

Not when he receives a Word he didn’t like. Not when he was running from the Lord. Not when he was in the midst of a terrible storm.

It took the belly of a great fish to get his attention. Only then, out of distress and darkness, did Jonah turn to the Lord.

God will do whatever he has to do to get our attention.

👉 “You cast me into the deep.” (v 3)

Jonah knew that – though it was the hands of the sailors that hurled him into the sea – it was God at work. God had cast him into the deep. But God had also already provided the great fish.

Later, in verse 6, Jonah said, “I went down but God brought me up.” And isn’t that all of our stories.

👉 When my life was fainting away (v 7)…

What do we do when all hope seems lost? We do what Jonah did. We remember the Lord and we pray.

👉 Salvation belongs to the Lord (v 9).

The theme of the book of Jonah. ♥️

You are loved.

Jonah 1:1-17

Jonah 1:1-17

👉 Jonah’s Assignment

  • arise
  • go to Nineveh
  • call out against that city

👉 Jonah’s Actions

  • rose
  • went to Joppa
  • got on a ship bound for Tarshish
  • paid the fair
  • went down into the ship

I often wake up my kids by saying, “Rise and shine.” And they often reply with, “I’ll rise but I’m not shining.” That’s what I thought of when I read this chapter.

“I’ll arise, but I’m not going to Ninevah.”

The ignorance that makes us think we can outsmart or outrun God.

👉 Disobedience is always a downward spiral.

  • went down to Joppa
  • went down into the ship
  • had gone down into the inner ship

👉 Hurled

  • the Lord hurled a great wind
  • they hurled the cargo
  • they hurled him into the sea

👉 What Jonah requested – Death

“Hurl me into the sea.”

👉 What Jonah received – Deliverance

“The Lord provided a great fish.”

Aren’t we glad the Lord doesn’t always give us what we think we want or need?!

👉 The storm and the fish were sent by God to save Jonah from himself and his own disobedience and to bring him back to the Lord.



👉 The Dangers of Pride

  • it leads to a false sense of security (v 3-4)
  • it blinds us to insincere allies/friends (v 7)
  • it causes us to trust in false wisdom (v 8 )
  • it tricks us into relying on man’s strength ( v 9)

👉 Things We Take Pride In

  • possessions
  • position
  • popularity
  • worldly wisdom
  • physical ability/ appearance

👉 To stand by while our brother hurts or is mistreated makes us the same as the one hurting or mistreating him (v 11).

👉 Do not (v 12-14):

  • gloat over your brother’s misfortune
  • rejoice over your brother’s ruin
  • boast in the day of his distress
  • gloat over his disaster
  • loot his wealth
  • harm the survivor

👉 You reap what you sow (v 15).

👉 The Promise (v 19-21)

The exiles (those who lived as wanderers, sojourners, foreigners) will one day possess the land. Those who longed for home but did not have it shall make a home in the promised land.

You are loved.

2 Thessalonians 3:1-18

2 Thessalonians 3:1-17

👉 Paul’s Prayer for Himself, Silas, and Timothy

  • that the word of the Lord may speed ahead of them and be honored
  • that they would be delivered from wicked and evil men

👉 Paul’s Reminder to the Church

  • the Lord is faithful
  • the Lord will establish you
  • the Lord will guard you against the evil one

👉 Paul’s Warning to the Church

  • keep away from any brother who walks in idleness
  • keep away from any brother who does not walk according to the traditions

👉 Paul’s Prayer for the Church

  • the Lord would direct their hearts to the love of God
  • the Lord would direct their hearts to the steadfastness of Christ

👉 Paul’s Final Instructions

  • work quietly
  • earn your own living
  • do not grow weary in doing good
  • have nothing to do with a disobedient brother

I love Paul’s simple and direct way.

Do this.

Don’t do that.

Remember this.

Forget that.

I couldn’t help but notice the issue of idleness (v 6, 7, 11). These words were written to the church – notice the warning regarding “any brother” who walks in idleness.

Paul seems to be telling the church to get to work. They seem to have become busybodies but not busy with the things that matter.

I think he would say the same thing to us today.

Get busy.

Get busy loving.

Get busy serving.

Get busy forgiving.

Get busy sharing the truth that sets men free.

Get to work, church.

Happy Monday. You are loved.

2 Thessalonians 2:1-17

2 Thessalonians 2:1-17

👉 The Thessalonians were:

  • shaken
  • alarmed


They were being told the Lord’s return had already taken place.

The source of the lie was unknown:

  • a spirit?
  • a spoken word?
  • a forged letter?

Paul’s response:

“Let no one deceive you.”

👉 The day will not come unless:

  • the rebellion comes first
  • the man of lawlessness is revealed

👉 The Man of Lawlessness

  • the son of destruction
  • opposes God
  • exalts himself against every god and object of worship
  • takes his seat in the temple of God
  • proclaims to be God
  • is currently being restrained
  • will be easily defeated when Jesus returns
  • Satan is behind him
  • powerful
  • false signs and wonders
  • wicked deception

God will allow those who refused to love the truth to believe what is false.

👉 Paul’s Encouragement to Believers

  • you are beloved by the Lord
  • you are chosen by God
  • you are sanctified by the spirit
  • stand firm
  • hold tight to what you were taught

We must know truth. The Thessalonians had been taught; Paul had already told them these things (v 5). Sometimes, we need a reminder, right?

Study Scripture.

Know it well.

Be so familiar with the truth of God that the lies of the enemy are glaringly obvious.