5 Things Friday: 5 Things You Don’t Say to a Woman Who Announces Her 5th Pregnancy

Re-entry into the real world this week was brutal. After two weeks of no schedule, unlimited computer and electronics and *gasp* taking naps, I we all struggled with the idea that we had to go back to things like getting dressed and doing school work and, you know, stuff.

We did eventually make it to Friday, but my brain is mush. What does that mean for you? Well, it means that today’s blog post is going to consist of a list – and not even a long one. In fact, I like this idea so much that I may make it a weekly thing. Don’t hold me to that because I’m a very fickle blogger which, for those who know me well, is not surprising at all.

So, without further ado, welcome to the possibly first, maybe only, we’ll just have to wait and see edition of…

Five Things Friday!me and the girls

Today, we have 5 things you do not say to a woman who has just revealed that she is pregnant for the, oh I don’t know, 5th time.

  1. Oh, did you plan to do that? Imagine this one said with a horrified look as if you had just admitted to eating dog doo.
  2. Do you know what causes that? Can we all just agree to stop asking this? It’s just awkward. Please and thank you.
  3. Are you going to be done now? Because that is a totally appropriate question to be asked BY THE BAG BOY AT THE GROCERY STORE. Ahem.
  4. Do they all have the same dad? If you ask me this in the ice cream aisle at Wal Mart, I may briefly remove my “pastor’s wife” filter and put the “trucker’s daughter” one on instead.
  5. You must be crazy. Oh, that happened a long time ago. I could never blame it on number 5.

Y’all are loved! Happy Friday!

8 thoughts on “5 Things Friday: 5 Things You Don’t Say to a Woman Who Announces Her 5th Pregnancy

  1. Even with #3 we got “do you know what causes that?” Really, people. How about congratulations???

    CONGRATULATIONS, Stacey. You are awesome and should have as many children as you want. My grandma had five daughters and then a son.

  2. What?!? You’re pregnant?
    Just kidding! Y’all make beautiful, precious babies. Go ahead & keep having more. 😉
    Love you friend!

  3. Good morning, Stacy! Happy New Year!

    I cannot believe #3 on the list! People have lost their minds… or maybe they’ve never been taught that you don’t speak every thought that comes into your head!

    Gena 617-901-0778

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  4. Hey when we were on #5 we used to get asked Do you know what causes that? a lot and I would look at them and say “Yes, but Now I have a Playstation” and walk away Leaving them with the look of confusion on their faces.

    Love Ya Cuz.

  5. I have 4 under 5 including 2 year old twins. I get asked all of these questions NONSTOP. And I have definitely been asked #4 more than a few times. I’ve also been asked if we’re on welfare (we are not), if the twins have the same dad (yes you read that correctly), and I get told every single twin/triplet/quad story known to man. “Oh, my great uncle’s, sister-in-law’s, cousin’s, brother had twins!” Wow really? What a small world! Ugh, over it! Thanks for the laugh!

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