Genesis 14 The Great Rescue

Genesis 14

We saw in chapter 13 (see yesterday’s post) that the enemy often leads people into the pit with the promise of pleasure.

In Lot’s case, it was with land that was pleasing to the eye. And, as is often the case, pain -not pleasure – awaited him there. War and chaos erupted and Lot was captured and carried away.

Anyone else ever made poor choices, fallen for false promises, and ended up carried away and far from home?

But, look what happened when Uncle Abram found out what happened (v 13-16.)

Abram pursued.

Abram defeated.

Abram rescued.

👉 This is what Jesus does for us.

While we were yet sinners (carried away and far from home) Jesus died for us.

Jesus pursues us to all the places we have wandered.

Jesus defeats the enemy that carried us away.

Jesus rescues us and brings us home.

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Genesis 13 Walk Wisely

Genesis 13

Abram and Lot both grow quite wealthy and the place they currently found themselves could not sustain them both (1-7).

To avoid conflict, Abram suggests that they part ways and he gives Lot first dibs on land (v 9). Lot chose what was “pleasing to the eye” much like Eve did in Genesis 3:6.

The land Lot chose included Sodom where the men were wicked and great sinners against the Lord (v 12-13).

Abram settles in the land of Canaan and the Lord promises to give him:

  1. All the land he sees
  2. Offspring more numerous than the sand

The enemy is crafty, y’all. He doesn’t present sin to us in all of its ugliness. No – he always wraps it up in something shiny so that it’s pleasing to the eye.

Eve saw some yummy fruit.

Lot saw some pleasant land.

Nobody goes into the pit because they like pain but because it was disguised as pleasure. It was pleasing to the eye and full of false promises.

Walk wisely.

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Genesis 12 Fear and Faith

Genesis 12

👉 Abram was told to leave (v 1):

• his country
• his kindred
• his father’s house

👉 God promised (v 2-3):

• to make him a great nation
• to bless him
• to make his name great
• to make him a blessing
• to bless those who blessed him
• to curse those who dishonored him

👉 So Abram went…(v 4)

So far – so good.

Then – Abram, Sarai, and Lot ended up in Egypt due to a famine. Abram feared that he would be killed bc of his beautiful wife and so he lied.

Fear made him lie and, essentially, offer up his wife to save his own skin.

Sure, we could be Judgy McJudgerson here. Believe me, I was tempted.

Abram heard God’s command. Abram knew God’s promise.
Abram set out on a journey of faith.

But, then, uncertainty began to creep in and fear began to follow.

Perhaps we can’t relate to Abram’s actions, but we can certainly relate to his motivation.


Familiar left behind.

Far from home.

Faith that is fighting to hang on with every step farther into a foreign land.

Okay, Abram, I see you. I see you struggling and stumbling in your faith and, yet, staying the course.

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A Thursday Reminder

God is not tired of you.
God is not annoyed by your neediness.
God is not surprised by your weakness.
God is not shaking his head or wringing his hands wondering what to do with you.

God is infatuated with you.
God is singing over you.
God longs to be gracious to you.
God is not only waiting at the finish line to welcome you home – but is running every step of the race with you.

You are loved.

Genesis 11 The Tower of Babel and the Introduction of Abram

Genesis 11

Upon exiting the ark, Noah’s family had been told to fill the earth (Genesis 9:1,7).

But here we are, just two chapters later, and folks are building a tower to heaven with two goals in mind (v 4).

  1. To make a name for themselves
  2. To not be dispersed over the earth

See the problem? God says, “Fill the earth.” The people say, “We think we’ll stay right in this one spot.”

What could possibly go wrong?

Let’s just say that the story ends with “And from there the Lord dispersed them over the face of the earth” (v 9).

Then we have the lineage from Noah to Abram through Noah’s sin, Shem. We move through time several generations and we come to Abram and his nephew, Lot.

They are traveling from Ur to Canaan but settle instead in the land of Haran.

To be continued…

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