Luke 11:1-13 A Lesson on Prayer

Luke 11:1-13

Prayer – it’s the spiritual discipline I struggle with the most. It requires stillness. Vulnerability. Listening.

Maybe that’s why I love this passage. I love the humility of these men who were quite familiar with the practice of prayer and, yet, knew that there was something they were missing.

♥️ Prayer ♥️

• Jesus modeled a life of prayer (v 1) – we have an example to follow

• “teach us” (v 1) – we can learn to pray like Jesus

• “when you pray” (v 2) – these were people familiar with the habit of praying but not the holiness of it / we are to be people of prayer and not just people who pray

• “your name, your kingdom” (v 2) – praying for proper priorities

• “our daily bread” (v 3) – praying for provision

• “forgive us – we forgive” (v 4) – praying for peace with God and one another

• “lead us not into temptation” (v 4) – praying for protection

• “b/c of his impudence” (v 8) – praying with persistence

• “receives, finds, opened” (v 10) –
praying with the promise of response

👉 What about you? Do you struggle with making prayer a priority? If so, Jesus gave us a beautiful example of what it looks like to live prayerfully.

You are loved.

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Luke 10:38-42 The Martha Mindset

Luke 10:38-42

Every day we have a choice – those of us who have welcomed Jesus into our hearts as Martha and Mary welcomed him into their home – devotion or distraction.

Look what happened to Martha’s mindset when she scurried about instead of sitting with Jesus for a while (v 40-41).

• first, she became distracted

• then, she began to question Jesus’ love for her

• finally, she became anxious and troubled about MANY things

I tell you – I have lived this downward mental spiral out many times.

I choose something else over spending time with Jesus. Then, I feel disconnected from him and question his care for me. Suddenly, I am anxious and troubled about all. the. things. Everything seems hard and nothing seems holy. And the downward spiral begins.

Mary wasn’t being lazy. She wasn’t unaware of the work necessary to run a household. She wasn’t insensitive to her sister’s need for assistance. But Mary’s mindset was, “First – Jesus.”

She sat at his feet. She listened to his teaching. She chose “the good portion” (v 42)

Even serving can be a wrong thing if we put it before the savior.

👉 How can we choose the good portion today?

Happy Tuesday. You are loved.

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Luke 10:25-37 How to Love Your Neighbor

Luke 10:25-37

What does it look like to love my neighbor?

• “as he journeyed” v 33 – we love people as we go about our normal daily lives

• “when he saw him” v 33 – we must not be so distracted or self focused that we don’t notice people hurting around us

• “he had compassion” v 33 – we should be moved by the suffering of others

• “went to him” v 34 – we must be willing to interrupt our journey and alter our course if necessary

• “bound up his wounds” v 34 – we must meet physical needs when possible

• “set him on his own animal” v 34 – we must be willing to inconvenience ourselves when necessary

• “brought him to an inn” v 34 – we should connect hurting people with other people or resources that can help them when possible

• ”paid two denarii” v 35 – we must use the resources God has given us to love others in his name

• “showed him mercy” v 37 – we must have mercy on the wounded around us regardless of how they received the wounds

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Luke 10:1-12 A Living Sent Check List

Luke 10:1-12

What does it look like to live on mission?

A Living Sent Checklist

• understand that you are chosen and sent by the Lord (v 1)

• work with others – there are no Lone Ranger Christians (v 1)

• you are sent to places that Jesus Himself will go – plant seeds and don’t get discouraged if nothing immediately sprouts (v 1)

• you are sent to places where the work is plentiful – ministry is a messy, get your hands dirty kind of mission (v 2)

• you may be sent to places where fellow laborers are few (v 2) – lonely labor does not mean you’re off course

• part of being on mission is praying for more people to live on mission (v 2)

• go your way – don’t conform for the sake of comfort (v 3)

• live like lambs – gentle and meek – you can’t force feed faith (v 3)

• do not rely in worldly goods – travel light and hold “things” loosely (v 4)

• do not delay – “greet no one” – Bible time greetings were lengthy – the idea is to not put off or procrastinate – understand the urgency of the mission (v 4)

• enjoy the hospitality of those you seek to serve (v 7-8 )

• meet physical and spiritual needs (v 9)

What would it look like for us to be fully on mission today? Fully invested in the cause of Christ? To live as appointed and sent individuals?

You are loved.

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Luke 9:43b-62 Five Distractions to Avoid

Luke 9:43b-62

I read recently that we have become a culture that praises the art of multitasking when what we were called to is singleness of heart.

We have exchanged devotion for distractions. When I read this passage, I saw all the things that we allow to distract us from our devotion to Christ.

Five Distractions

  1. Being focused on the show instead of the substance (v 43)
  2. Being uber focused on ourselves (v 46)
  3. Being focused on how God may be using someone else (v 49)
  4. Being focused on the critics and the naysayers (v 54)
  5. Being focused on worldly concerns (v 60-61)

Where is our focus tonight? What have we allowed to distract us from the cause of Christ?

You are loved.

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