Isaiah 44 One Question to Ask When in a Valley

Isaiah 44

“But now hear…” (v 1)

“Have I not told you…” (v 8)

“Remember these things…” (v 21)

The world is so loud. So many opinions. So many voices. So many agendas.

And we wonder why people are so confused. Constantly being told that there is something more out there. Something better. Being pulled in all directions. Presented with idols at every turn.


{Idols – anything we chase after instead of God.}

  1. Idols are man made.
  2. Idols do not profit – they are worthless, offering us nothing in return for our efforts in creating and chasing them.

Those who chase after idols:
• grow faint
• lack discernment
• can’t see
• are deluded
• are led astray
• cannot save themselves
• can not recognize a lie

And, in response to these voices of the world, God says…

Hear me…

What have I told you…

Remember what I have said…

I love verse 8, y’all. What has God told us? And the BIG question we have to ask ourselves when we are in a valley…


After describing the disappointing and discouraging life of idol chasing – because idols lie and never satisfy – God says, “Remember these things…”


  1. God formed you.
  2. God will not forget you.
  3. God has forgiven you.
  4. God has redeemed you.

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Isaiah 43 Who You Are in Christ

Isaiah 43

One of the ways the world tries to break us down is to lie to us about our identity. If you find yourself saying things like:

I am not enough.

I am too much.

I am unloved.

I am alone.

I have no purpose.

I am incapable.

If your thoughts run along these lines – you’re allowing the world and the enemy to lie to you.

Because God – the One who made you on purpose and with a purpose – says quite differently.


• redeemed (v 1)

• chosen and called (v 1)

• His (v 1)

• not alone (v 2)

• precious (v 4)

• honored (v 4)

• loved (v 4)

• valuable (v 4)

• a witness (v 10)

• safe in His hand (v 13)

• forgiven (v 25)

You are loved, sweet friends.

👉 Drop an emoji below if you needed a reminder of who you are in Christ. ♥️

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Isaiah 42 Jesus On a Mission

Isaiah 42


• is on a mission of justice (v 1, 3, 4)
• will not grow weary from his work (v 4)
• is a light for the nations (v 6)
• opens the eyes of the blind (v 7)
• sets prisoners free (v 7)
• guides his people (v 16)
• turns darkness into light (v 16)
• makes rough places level (v 16)

“These are the things I do, and I do not forsake them” (v 16). 🙌🙌

O Jesus…without him, how lost I would be…

👉 Anyone feeling bruised today? Like a wick only faintly burning? (v 3)

God says, “I will take you by the hand and keep you” (v 6).

Whatever is troubling you today – Jesus is faithfully on a mission to make all things right. He will not grow faint or be discouraged.

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Isaiah 41 Eight Reasons Not to Fear

Isaiah 41

“Fear not…”, the Lord said (v 10).

“Fear not…”, he said again (v 14).

How many times do we see those words in Scripture? We read them and think, perhaps, he’s not aware of our situation. Surely, if he knew what we were dealing with, he would not tell us that there was nothing to fear!

But the Lord knows the frailty of the human heart. So, he tells us not to fear and then he tells us why fear isn’t necessary.


• I have been chosen by God (v 8-9).

• The Lord is with me (v 10).

• The Lord will strengthen me (v 10).

• The Lord will put my enemies to shame (v 11).

• The Lord holds my hand (v 13).

• My Redeemer is the Holy One of Israel (v 14).

• The Lord will answer me when I call (v 17).

• The Lord will not forsake me (v 17).

Yea, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil; for thou art with me… Psalm 23:4

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Isaiah 40 Truths for Troubling Times

Isaiah 40

This life is difficult. For everyone. No one makes it through unscathed and we all bear the scars of worldly wounds.

So, chapter 40 is particularly comforting if you’re in one of those difficult valleys right now. It’s full of truths to remember in troubling times.


  1. You belong to God (v 1).

“Comfort, MY PEOPLE…” It’s no wonder the passage begins here. We need to remember that we belong to God. This means that all the truths that follow are for us!

  1. God is tender (v 2).
  2. Hardship will end (v 2).
  3. Iniquity is pardoned (v 2).
  4. Every obstacle between God and His people will be removed (v 4).
  5. The glory of the Lord will be revealed (v 5).
  6. The Word of the Lord stands forever (v 8 ).
  7. The Lord will come and reward the faithful (v 10).
  8. The Lord will gently carry the weak (v 11).
  9. The Lord has authority over all creation (v 12).
  10. The Lord has all wisdom (v 14).
  11. The Lord gives power to the weak (v 29).
  12. We shall run and not grow weary (v 31).

I can’t pretend to know all the struggles you are currently facing. But I do know that you need to take some truth with you today.

You are loved.

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