Genesis 23 An Obvious, not Obnoxious, Faith

Genesis 23

Even after living in the land for over 60 years, Abraham was still living in a tent without a permanent residence. He still considered himself a sojourner and foreigner (v 4).

I love what Hebrews says about Abraham’s way of living in the land.

👉 By faith Abraham…went to live in the land of promise as in a foreign land, living in tents…looking forward to the city whose designer and builder is God… Hebrews 11:8-10

👉 For people who speak this make it clear that they are seeking a homeland (Hebrews 11:14).

👉 They desire a better country, that is, a heavenly one (Hebrews 11:6).

No matter how long we remain here – this is not our home. We are sojourners here. Strangers in a strange land. Foreigners far from home. Disciples desiring a better country.

BUT…back to Genesis.

Notice that Abraham lived this way – making it clear that he was a citizen of a better place – but did so in such a way that those around him respected him as a godly man among the people (v 6). His faith was obvious without being obnoxious.

And, by buying this cave in order to bury his dead – Abraham now owns a small piece of property in the land of Canaan that will be passed on to his descendants. Quite interesting considering the promise made to him by God.

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Genesis 22 The Call to Sacrifice

Genesis 22

When the Lord asks the unthinkable and we don’t understand. When the cost seems too high and the road too long.

How do we respond? I hope I would respond like Abraham.

The call to sacrifice (v 2).

The effort to obey (v 3).

The calling it worship (v 5).

The faith of it all (v 8).

The faithfulness of God (v 13).

When we don’t understand the sacrifice at hand – may our steps and our thoughts lead us to the faithfulness of God.

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Genesis 21 The Faithfulness of God

Genesis 21

The chapter ( v 1-2) opens with reminders of God’s faithfulness. That things happen on God’s timetable.

• As he had said…
• As he had promised…
• At the time of which God had spoken…

At this point, Abraham was 100 years old. He now has Isaac, but it’s 25 years after the promise. Just because we can read the whole story in a day or two, let’s not forget that it was real people waiting a really long time. {And, being without children in that culture, Abraham and Sarah had probably prayed for offspring for years prior to the promise.}

👉 A reminder for anyone in the wilderness today:

• God hears you (v 17)
• God will speak to you (v 17)
• God can reveal things to you (v 19)
• God is with you (v 20)

You are loved.

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Genesis 19 Prayers That Bring Deliverance

Genesis 19

There is so much evil in Sodom (v 4). All the people, to the last man, show up at Lot’s door to harm the guests (angels) who had arrived.

Much like Noah, Lot is warned of the coming judgement and given a chance to be saved.

Lot’s nephews did not take it seriously (v 14).

Lot lingered (v 16).

Lot’s wife looked back (v 26).

Only Lot and his two daughters escape the judgement that rained down on Sodom.

👉 How do we respond when we read a command, a correction, or warning in Scripture?

Do we fail to take it seriously?

Do we hesitate (linger) before obeying?

Do we look back with longing to the very thing the Lord is delivering us from?

Something stood out to me this morning as I read this – v 29 – “God remembered Abraham and sent Lot out…”

Lot chose to live in Sodom. Some commentaries stated that, because Lot was sitting at the gates of Sodom when the angels arrived, that he had some standing in the city. Or, at the very least, did not speak out against the sins of the city. So, why were the angels so intent on rescuing Lot?

Because God remembered Abraham.

And what had Abraham done in Genesis 18:22-33? He had begged for mercy for the righteous living in the wicked land of Sodom.

God remembered the prayers of Abraham and delivered Lot from certain destruction.

The prayer of a righteous man has great power (James 5:16.)

Don’t give up.

Don’t grow weary.

Pray for the prodigal.

Pray for your children and grandchildren as they navigate this wicked world. Even if they sojourn in Sodom – the Lord can deliver them.

👉 Lot’s deliverance was a direct result of Abraham’s prayers.

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Genesis 18 Do the Thing

Genesis 18

PROMISE: a baby for Sarah (v 10)

PROBLEM: Sarah is barren (v 11)

POSED QUESTION: Is anything too hard for the Lord? (V 14)

👉 Our promises and problems may differ but the question is always the same: Is anything too hard for the Lord? {Spoiler alert: the answer is “no”.)

According to this chapter (v 19), what would it look like for Abraham’s household to “keep the way of the Lord?”

• do righteousness
• do justice

Not think about.

Not post about.

Not argue about.

Not study about.

Not have an opinion about.

DO righteousness.

DO justice.

👉 The louder people are online, the less they are probably doing in real life.

Someone out there is desperate for you to do the thing.

Have a beautiful Friday, friends.

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