Revelation 1:1-8

Revelation 1:1-8

This book is meant to be a revelation. A revealing. An unveiling.

The purpose is made clear in the opening words (v 1): to show to his servants…

So, the first thing we need to understand as we approach a study of Revelation is that it isn’t meant to confuse or overwhelm us. It’s meant to reveal things to us.

👉 So, as we read this holy revelation, a good question to regularly ask ourselves is: What is God trying to reveal to us in this passage?

👉 There are several themes or topics we will be highlighting.

• blessings given

• the number 7

• things revealed about Jesus

• praises and critiques of the church

• promises for those who endure

👉 Seven churches (v 4) – There were more than seven churches in Asia at this time. The number 7 is meant to make us think wholeness or completion. The idea is that this revelation is for the church as a whole.

👉 Blessing 1 (v 3): blessed is the one who reads this prophecy aloud and blessed are the ones who hear and keep it

👉 Jesus (v 5-7):

• faithful witness
• firstborn of the dead
• ruler of kings on earth
• loves us (present and ongoing)
• freed us (already accomplished)
• made us a kingdom
• is coming with the clouds
• every eye will see him
• all tribes of earth will wail

What we have in this book, friends, is a grand unveiling of things to come. It comes to us through the pen of John but, make no mistake, it is directly from the heart and mind of God.

And I, for one, am here for it. Let’s get ready to be amazed.

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