Revelation 1:9-20

Revelation 1:9-20

👉 John (v 9-11):

• our brother [a fellow believer]

• a partner in tribulation, kingdom, and patient endurance [someone who understood what we are experiencing and also where we are heading]

• was in exile because of his faith [understood persecution]

• surrounded by the Holy Spirit [experienced God’s presence in exile]

• given a message for believers [still had work to do even in exile and old age]

👉 Jesus (v 13-18):

• long robe with golden sash

• hair white like wool, snow

• eyes like a flame of fire

• feet like bronze

• voice like the roar of water

• seven stars in his right hand

• sharp, two edged sword in his mouth

• face like the sun

• first and the last

• the living one

• died and alive forever

• holds the keys to death and hades

👉 More sevens

• seven golden lamp stands = the seven churches

• seven stars = the angels of the seven churches

My favorite descriptor of Jesus in this passage is “a voice like the roar of water”. When I think of roaring water – like waves crashing on the shore – it’s peaceful and powerful all at the same time.

I love that we are given this reminder of who Jesus is before we are told of the things that are to come.

Before we are given a glimpse into the final days and what must take place – before our hearts are tempted to fear – before our minds are tempted to become overwhelmed – Jesus reminds us:

I am peace and I am power.

I am first and I am last.

I died and am now alive forever.

I hold the keys to death, hell, and the grave.

And, knowing these things, we can face the things to come confident and unafraid.

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