Joy in 1 John (Part 5)

1 John 5:1-21

We often make the gospel complicated. And while there are things in Scripture that are mysterious and unknowable – the essence of the gospel message is neither of those things.

Here – in this letter with its purpose being complete joy for believers – John ends with what appears to be a second purpose but is really a confirmation of the initial one.

Purpose: complete joy (1:4)

Purpose: confidence (v 5:13)

👉 There is joy in knowing. In certainty. In confidence.

• that you may know (v 13)
• confidence (v 14)
• we know (v 15)
• we know (v 16)
• we know (v 19)
• we know (v 20)

We see the same purpose in Luke’s writing (Luke 1:4). He wrote so that his reader would “have certainty.”

So many people live and just hope they do enough or are enough to please God. There’s no certainty or joy in that.

This entire letter, however, John is saying two things to us.

  1. God sent Jesus, his Son, into the world so that we could be certain of his love for us.
  2. If we believe that Jesus Christ has been born of God and if we have the Son – we can be certain that we also have eternal life.

The world is uncertain. Believers are certain.

The world is unsure. Believers are able to know that they know that they know.

“Be confident,” John said. “And in confidence is complete joy.”

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