The Joy of 1 John (Part 3)

1 John 3:1-24

John wanted believers to experience complete joy. And then he told them how to obtain in.

👉 A call to complete joy is a call to:

• abiding in Christ (v 2:28)

• confidence upon Christ’s return (v 2:28)

• righteousness (v 2:28)

• hope (v 3)

• purity (v 3)

• loving one another (v 10)

And doesn’t it all seem doable – the abiding and the hoping. But then other people get involved with our desire for complete joy.

👉 Love one another…

What does that look like? How do we – in our pursuit of joy – love one another? I’m so glad you asked.

Loving one another…

• is not a new thing – it’s been the command from the beginning – we can quit acting shocked at the concept (v 11)

• when evident in our lives is a sign that we have passed from death to life (v 14)

• means that we would lay down our very lives for another person – so it definitely means we should lay down our preferences and prejudices – we should lay down our convenience and comfort (v 16)

• means taking what we’ve been given and giving to those who are in need – NOTICE: it doesn’t say that if we have extra; it says if we have it at all – so it isn’t “I have two and you have none so I will give you one” – it’s “I have one and you have none and I will give you mine” (v 17)

• is done in actions and not just attitudes – it’s lived out – on display – evident (v 18)

• is a command – not a suggestion – not a recommendation (v 23)

• it’s a sign Christ abides in us (v 24)

We abide in Christ – love for our brother is the fruit – and the fruit is evidence of Christ abiding in us.

And the result, sweet friends, is complete joy.

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