The Joy of 1 John (Part 2)

1 John 2:1-27

Day two of joy in the book of 1 John.

👉 Bible study tip: when the author has clearly given you the purpose of his letter, read it in light of that purpose. [For example, every passage in 1 John I’m going to ask – If the goal is complete joy for believers (1:4), what about this passage is supposed to spark joy in me?]

👉 What brings joy to believers?

• not sinning (v 1)

• knowing that – when we do sin – we have an advocate (v 1)

• knowing Jesus paid for our sins (v 2)

• knowing Jesus (v 3)

• imitating Jesus (v 6)

• the darkness is passing away and the true light is already shining (v 8 )

• knowing our sins are forgiven (v 12)

• knowing him who was from the beginning (v 12)

• we have overcome the evil one (v 13)

• the word of God abides in us (v 14)

• whoever does the will of God abides forever (v 17)

• we have been anointed by the holy one and have knowledge (v 20)

• we know truth (v 21)

• the promise of eternal life (v 25)

• abiding in him (v 27)

We have reasons to be joyful even in times of great trial.

Happy Saturday.

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