Luke 19:11-27 What to do while we wait…

Luke 19:11-27

There are two groups of people in this parable: the servants and the citizens.

The servants – those who submitted to the authority of the nobleman in the parable – were all given the same sum of money and the same instructions.

Engage in business until I come (v 13).

When the nobleman returned – his first order of business was not to deal with the rebellious citizens but to check on the faithfulness of his servants.

The servants that were working faithfully in the master’s absence were rewarded with the trust of the master in the form of more work.

The servant that did nothing with what the master has entrusted to him was deemed wicked and what had been given to him was taken away.

Those of us who are servants of Christ – who have been entrusted with the gospel – who have been given resources and talents – we must be about our Father’s business.

Now is not the time to hunker down and hoard what we’ve been given.

Now is not the time to stare at the skies looking for signs.

Engage in business until he comes.

Love your neighbor.

Care for refugees.

Pursue peace.

Share the gospel.

Bear one another’s burdens.

Pray without ceasing.

Now is not the time to grow weary in doing good. Remember – the reward for the faithful servant was not rest, but more responsibility (v 17).

If you – like most of us – are feeling a little off kilter and wondering what to do – here is the answer to how we are to conduct ourselves until he returns.

Keep doing the next right thing.

Remain steadfast.

The Master will return. May he find his servants faithful.

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