Luke 18:35-43 The Blind Man

Luke 18:35-43

Something about the blind man in Luke 18 has always pulled at my heartstrings.

He was on the side of the road begging – probably his normal daily existence. But, on this day, he hears a crowd. A commotion.

He learned that Jesus was passing by and he began to cry out. He couldn’t see Jesus. He couldn’t go to him. So – he did what he could. He cried out.

And people tried to silence him (v 39).

Maybe his need made them uncomfortable. Or annoyed. Or embarrassed.

But their discomfort didn’t silence him. He cried out all the more (v 39).

Don’t stop going to Jesus. Don’t be ashamed to cry out. Don’t let the crowds silence your pleading or your praise.

You are loved.

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