Luke 10:38-42 The Martha Mindset

Luke 10:38-42

Every day we have a choice – those of us who have welcomed Jesus into our hearts as Martha and Mary welcomed him into their home – devotion or distraction.

Look what happened to Martha’s mindset when she scurried about instead of sitting with Jesus for a while (v 40-41).

• first, she became distracted

• then, she began to question Jesus’ love for her

• finally, she became anxious and troubled about MANY things

I tell you – I have lived this downward mental spiral out many times.

I choose something else over spending time with Jesus. Then, I feel disconnected from him and question his care for me. Suddenly, I am anxious and troubled about all. the. things. Everything seems hard and nothing seems holy. And the downward spiral begins.

Mary wasn’t being lazy. She wasn’t unaware of the work necessary to run a household. She wasn’t insensitive to her sister’s need for assistance. But Mary’s mindset was, “First – Jesus.”

She sat at his feet. She listened to his teaching. She chose “the good portion” (v 42)

Even serving can be a wrong thing if we put it before the savior.

👉 How can we choose the good portion today?

Happy Tuesday. You are loved.

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