Luke 11:1-13 A Lesson on Prayer

Luke 11:1-13

Prayer – it’s the spiritual discipline I struggle with the most. It requires stillness. Vulnerability. Listening.

Maybe that’s why I love this passage. I love the humility of these men who were quite familiar with the practice of prayer and, yet, knew that there was something they were missing.

♥️ Prayer ♥️

• Jesus modeled a life of prayer (v 1) – we have an example to follow

• “teach us” (v 1) – we can learn to pray like Jesus

• “when you pray” (v 2) – these were people familiar with the habit of praying but not the holiness of it / we are to be people of prayer and not just people who pray

• “your name, your kingdom” (v 2) – praying for proper priorities

• “our daily bread” (v 3) – praying for provision

• “forgive us – we forgive” (v 4) – praying for peace with God and one another

• “lead us not into temptation” (v 4) – praying for protection

• “b/c of his impudence” (v 8) – praying with persistence

• “receives, finds, opened” (v 10) –
praying with the promise of response

👉 What about you? Do you struggle with making prayer a priority? If so, Jesus gave us a beautiful example of what it looks like to live prayerfully.

You are loved.

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