Luke 10:25-37 How to Love Your Neighbor

Luke 10:25-37

What does it look like to love my neighbor?

• “as he journeyed” v 33 – we love people as we go about our normal daily lives

• “when he saw him” v 33 – we must not be so distracted or self focused that we don’t notice people hurting around us

• “he had compassion” v 33 – we should be moved by the suffering of others

• “went to him” v 34 – we must be willing to interrupt our journey and alter our course if necessary

• “bound up his wounds” v 34 – we must meet physical needs when possible

• “set him on his own animal” v 34 – we must be willing to inconvenience ourselves when necessary

• “brought him to an inn” v 34 – we should connect hurting people with other people or resources that can help them when possible

• ”paid two denarii” v 35 – we must use the resources God has given us to love others in his name

• “showed him mercy” v 37 – we must have mercy on the wounded around us regardless of how they received the wounds

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