Luke 12-16 The Twelve

Luke 12-16

The twelve apostles.

I’ve always been in awe of these men. Can you even imagine the things they saw, heard, and did? I think of them healing the sick and doing the big things. But, also, having breakfast with Jesus. Laughing with him. Walking and talking with him.

What an honor. And a responsibility. The joy. And the pressure. To be the inner circle.

Here is what we know about these twelve men.

• Jesus took the task of choosing them very seriously (v 12).

• They came from various backgrounds (fishermen, tax collectors, etc.)

• They were imperfect men (hello, impulsive Peter, doubting Thomas, and Judas the betrayer.)

• They didn’t fully understand what Jesus was doing.

This gives me hope, friends. Not just that God can use broken, messed up people – but that he CHOOSES to use them.

Whatever you think stands in the way of your being used – bad choices, impulsiveness, doubt – bring it to God and just watch what he can do with a man or woman completely devoted to him.

You are seen and loved by the God who created it all.

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