Luke 6:1-11 To Heal or to Harm

Luke 6:1-11

Pharisees are always law over love. In this passage they chose law over helping the hungry (v 2). They chose law over healing the broken (v 7).

But Jesus made it clear. There were two options available: to do good or to do harm (v 9). Not to do good or to do nothing. Here – in this instance – Jesus says to do nothing is not to remain neutral. To do nothing is to do harm.

Do not withhold good from those to whom it is due, when it is in your power to do it. Proverbs 3:27

What are we doing with our words? Our actions? Our energy? There is no shortage of needs around us.

Don’t have financial resources to give? There are plenty of other ways to do good.

Look up.

Make eye contact.

See people.



Give a hand.

Give attention.

Stand beside.

Sit with.

Make room at your table.

Do good.

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