Luke 6:17-26 Level Ground

Luke 6:17-26

I love the imagery here.

In our previous reading, Jesus had gone up to the mountain to pray to His Father. Now – we see him “come down” and “stand on a level place” with the people (v 17). How’s that for a picture of Christmas?

And who did he choose to stand among (v 18)?

The desperate for a word.

The diseased.

The demon possessed.

He wasn’t up on a hill shouting down. He wasn’t safely tucked away and sending messages through a middle man. He came and stood right in the middle of a crowd of messy, broken people and let them touch him.

That is what we are celebrating this weekend. Jesus – came down, stood on level ground with desperate people, and said, “Come to me.”

Hallelujah, what a Savior.

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