Luke 5:12-16 He Will

Luke 5:12-16

Notice that the man didn’t just have leprosy. He was “full of leprosy.” He did not ask Jesus to heal him. He “begged him.”

What we have is a man full of disease and desperation.

Jesus – being God in the flesh – could have healed with a word. But instead chose to touch the man who has not been touched in years.

What we have is Jesus full of kindness and compassion.

I’ve always found the man’s wording fascinating. “If you will…you can make me clean.” I know you can, but will you?

Don’t we wonder that sometimes? I know you can forgive, Lord, But will you do it for me? I’ve seen you change the lives of others, but am I too far gone?

I know you can, but will you?

And Jesus says, “I will” (v 13).

All we have to do is come, confess and be cleansed.

Happy Friday, friends!!

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