Luke 5:1-11 Wonder of the Word

Luke 5:1-11

The Wonder of the Word

  1. We must make an effort to hear/learn the Word of God.

The crowd was pressing in on Jesus “to hear the Word of God” (v 1).

How much effort do we make to hear the Word of God? Are we more interested in being entertained? Are we quick to skip gathering with other believers?

  1. We must obey the Word of God.

“But at your word I will let down the nets” (v 5).

Simon has toiled all night and caught nothing. He was, no doubt, weary and discouraged. Yet, at the Word of the Lord, he dropped the nets again.

  1. We must choose the Word over everything else.

Simon, James, and John had a successful fishing business. They had two boats. It was their livelihood. Yet, at the Word of the Lord, they “left everything and followed him” (v 11).

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