Genesis 15 Faith and Questions

Genesis 15

God promised Abram protection and a very great reward (v 1).

And Abram had questions. He needed reassurance regarding God’s promise (v 2).

God gave more details regarding his promise (v 4-5).

Abram believed the Lord (v 6).

And, wait for it…

Abram had more questions and needed more reassurance (v 8.)

👉 Abram had faith AND he also had questions.

👉 And, friends, God responded gently to both questions (v 4, 9) because that is his nature.

Having questions does not mean that we don’t have faith. But if we will, like Abram, take our questions to the Lord – he will gently reassure us through His Word.

God is not uncomfortable or annoyed by our questions. The call from God is always, “Come.”

👉 For he knows our frame; he remembers that we are dust. Psalm 103:14

God is very much aware of – and intimately acquainted with – human frailty and is not offended by it.

You are loved.

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