Genesis 14 The Great Rescue

Genesis 14

We saw in chapter 13 (see yesterday’s post) that the enemy often leads people into the pit with the promise of pleasure.

In Lot’s case, it was with land that was pleasing to the eye. And, as is often the case, pain -not pleasure – awaited him there. War and chaos erupted and Lot was captured and carried away.

Anyone else ever made poor choices, fallen for false promises, and ended up carried away and far from home?

But, look what happened when Uncle Abram found out what happened (v 13-16.)

Abram pursued.

Abram defeated.

Abram rescued.

👉 This is what Jesus does for us.

While we were yet sinners (carried away and far from home) Jesus died for us.

Jesus pursues us to all the places we have wandered.

Jesus defeats the enemy that carried us away.

Jesus rescues us and brings us home.

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