2 Corinthians 6 The Reality and the Response of a Servant

2 Corinthians 6


• afflictions
• hardships
• calamities
• beatings
• imprisonments
• riots
• labors
• sleepless nights
• hunger


• purity
• knowledge
• patience
• kindness
• fruit of the Spirit
• genuine love
• truthful speech
• power of God

When the world sees the reality of a servant of Christ, it thinks we are (v 8-10):

• imposters
• unknown
• dying
• punished
• sorrowful
• poor
• have nothing

But, we respond the way we do because the facts are (v 8-10) that we are:

• true
• well known
• alive
• not killed
• always rejoicing
• making many rich
• possessing everything

We can respond this way because the love of Christ controls our attitudes and our actions (v 5:14).

I love Paul’s instruction to the Corinthians (v 11-13).

👉 The instruction was not “obey more” but to “open your heart more.” ♥️

👉 The response of a servant is only possible when we open our hearts to the love of the Savior.

Y’all are so loved.

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