Isaiah 33 The Lord is…

Isaiah 33

I love this chapter. Isaiah described the Lord and it’s a powerful thing.


• my salvation in trouble (v 2)

• exalted (v 5)

• just and righteous (v 5)

• stability (v 6) ♥️

• salvation, wisdom, knowledge (v 6)

• beautiful (v 17)

• majestic (v 21)

• judge and lawgiver (v 22)

• healer (v 24)

• forgiver of sins (v 24)


• walk righteously

• speak uprightly

• despise oppression

• avoid evil

• will be free of sickness and sin

• will see the King ♥️

In a world that is shaky – the stability of the Lord really spoke to me. He is a firm foundation. A reliable refuge. A secure shelter.

It’s almost Friday, friends. ♥️

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