Isaiah 31-32 Looking in All the Wrong Places

Isaiah 31-32

Here’s the question(s) of the day.

  1. Do we rely on the world (Egypt) or the Lord (v 31:1)?
  2. Do we look to men (Egyptians) or God (v 31:3)?

We all want the same things: peace, security, rest (v 32:17-18). The trouble is that we often look for them in all the wrong places (Johnny Lee, anyone?).

Isaiah was speaking to people who looked at appearances – many chariots and strong horsemen – and failed to look to and consult the Lord. And, as Solomon said, there is nothing new under the sun.

What do we look to for peace and security and rest? Praise. Possessions. Popularity. Platforms.

Meanwhile, the Lord offers Himself as a hiding place, a shelter, a stream, and a shade. But we look everywhere else for the very things He offers.

Do you watch Shark Tank? Folks will often come into the room, ask for a specific investment, get offered that exact investment from one of the sharks, and still look to the other sharks thinking a better offer may come. They often leave empty handed.

We crave peace, security, and rest. God says, “I’ll give you exactly that (and SO much more).” Yet, we look to everything around us ignorantly thinking there are better offers awaiting us. As if God is lowballing us. Holding out. Gonna give us the ol’ bait and switch.

In God’s hand is all we need.





“Woe”, Isaiah said, “to those who look for these things elsewhere.”

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