Isaiah 34-35 A Word for the Anxious Heart

Isaiah 34-35

Each of us will, one day, stand before God. And the only thing that will matter is if we have placed our faith in the sacrifice of His Son.

For those who have not, Isaiah described:

• rage (v 34:2)
• destruction (v 34:2)
• slaughter (v 34:2)
• cast out (v 34:3)
• death (v 34:3)
• vengeance (v 34:8 )
• burning (v 34:9)
• darkness (v 34:10)
• confusion (v 34:11)

BUT…for those in Christ, Isaiah described a very different scenario:

• gladness (v 35:1)
• rejoicing (v 35:1)
• blossoming (v 35:1)
• abundance (v 35:2)
• joy (v 35:2)
• singing (v 35:2)
• glory (v 35:2)
• majesty (v 35:2)
• strength (v 35:3)

When the Lord returns – sorrow and sighing will flee – gladness and everlasting joy will be found (v 35:10.) That sounds like a wonderful time to me. ♥️

The verse that really spoke to me, however, was 35:4…

Say to those who have an anxious heart…

Hundreds of years before Christ came, humans had anxious hearts and the Lord had a word for them. I find that incredibly comforting.

And here’s the word He had.

  1. Be strong.
  2. Fear not.
  3. Your God will come.
  4. Your God will save you.

Maybe you have an anxious heart today. Perhaps health concerns, family stress, financial hardships, fickle friends, or old hurts weigh heavy on you.

Can I say to you…

Be strong.

Fear not.

Your God will come.

Your God will save you.

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