Isaiah 27-28 That Day

Isaiah 27-28

What are we to do when today seems too hard? Too much? Too uncertain?

Isaiah reminds us of another day that is coming. When God will make everything right. When the pains of this life won’t even be a memory in the mind.

Whatever your hardship – as Tim Keller says – “Heaven will make amends for it all.”

Because – in THAT day:

• evil will be destroyed (27:1)
• the people will enjoy forever God’s presence, protection, and peace (27:5)
• those who have been scattered will be gathered back together (27:13)

In THAT day (28:5), the Lord will restore:

• our glory
• our beauty
• our spirit
• our strength

There is a quote in the book, Suffering is Never for Nothing, that I always come back to in difficult times.

👉 When we get to Heaven – the question will not be, “Why all the pain?” It will be, “What pain?”

Isn’t that a beautiful thought?

That day is coming, friends.

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