Isaiah 26 Three Things You Can Do Today

Isaiah 26

A lot of our stress in life comes from trying to control what is God’s to control. Trying to fix it all. Make it happen. Change hearts.

It’s a burden that we have placed on our own backs.

Here’s how it works…

  1. We fix our thoughts on God and we trust Him (v 3).

Think about Him. Trust Him. ✔️

  1. We wait for Him (v 8 ).

Not worry. Not hurry. Not scurry.

Wait. ✔️

  1. We earnestly seek the Lord (v 9).

Not popularity. Not position. Not possessions.

We just want Him. ✔️

THEN… God can do in and for us what He desires to do in and for us.

  1. He gives perfect peace (v 3).

Not conditional. Not temporary.

Perfect peace. ❤️

  1. He will make our path level.

Not complicated. Not confusing.

He will clear the rubble. ❤️

  1. He will teach us the ways of righteousness (v 9).

Not confuse. Not condemn.

Teach. ❤️

Make it so in my life, Lord.

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