Isaiah 29-30 This Day and That Day

Isaiah 29-30

As I’ve read Isaiah’s words for several day now regarding “that day” – can I just tell you that I long for it more and more?

In that day (v 29:18-24):

• the deaf shall hear

• the blind shall see

• the meek shall obtain FRESH joy

• the poor shall praise and rejoice

• there will be no more shame

• there will be no more confusion

• there will be no more complaining

What a day, glorious day, that will be…

But, as much as we long for that day, the reality is that we live in this one. What to do , what to do?

Oh wait, Isaiah had a word about that too.

Lord, what about when today is chaotic, uncertain, and a little scary? What about today?

“In returning and rest you shall be saved” (v 30:15)

👉 Repentance and rest – this is our job in times of burdens too large for us to bear.

Lord, what about how weak and ill equipped and weary I feel today? What about today?

“In quietness and in trust shall be your strength” (v 30:15).

👉 Our job is to be still – not to be in a frenzy. Our job is to trust – not fret.

I love that God tells us what to expect in that day but also how to endure in this day.

Whatever this day holds for us – our role is clear: repent, rest, be quiet, trust. And the Lord will not hide himself from us (v 30:20:21.)

Show yourself, Lord.

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