Isaiah 17-18 The Faithful Few

Isaiah 17-18

Where do we turn in times of trouble? When disaster looms? When sadness comes?

Isaiah described two groups of people.


These are the folks who forgot God when life became difficult (17:10). They relied on the work of their own hands and sought help from earthly powers (18:2).

These people, Isaiah warned, would be brought low (17:4).


Isaiah foretold that this group would be small – like berries left in the highest boughs of the trees (17:6).

These individuals would remain devoted to God in the day of disaster (17:7-8). They would believe and remember that God is always watching and working behind the scenes (18:4).

Only a remnant – just a faithful few.

As the saying goes – if it were easy, everyone would do it.

Father, may we be counted among the faithful few.

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