Isaiah 15-16 A Worship That Wearies

Isaiah 15-16

Things are going bad for Moab, y’all.

There is:

• waste
• weeping
• sackcloth
• tears
• desolation
• death

Moab comes to God and God points them to the coming Messiah who will bring:

• steadfast love
• faithfulness
• justice
• righteousness

The choice seems obvious but Moab’s pride won’t allow them to submit to the throne of David.

They continue to turn to false gods. Their worship brings only weariness and their prayers bring no peace.

So frustrating, right?

And, yet, I wonder – do we sometimes do the same thing?

Do we come to God with our problems and, after receiving counsel through his Word or godly friends, continue doing what we have always done? Then, wonder why we are weary? Why we have no peace?

Lord, turn our hearts to you.

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