Isaiah 19-20 All My Hope is in God

Isaiah 19-20

Instead of turning to God in their day of disaster, the people turned to Egypt. Egypt was known for its strength, wisdom, and prosperity. Surely these things could save them…

The Pride of Egypt:

• the idols will tremble in the Lord’s presence (v 19:1)
• families and communities will be filled with division and strife (v 19:2)
• the spirits of the people will be emptied (v 19:3)
• the land will be given over to harsh rulers (v 19:4)
• the natural resources will be depleted and this will destroy the economy (v 19:7-9)
• their vast earthly wisdom will not stand against God’s plan (v 19:11-13)
• order and structure will become confusion and disorder (v 19:14)

👉 Whatever earthly thing we are putting our hope and faith in will fail us in the end, friends.

Lord, turn our hearts to you.

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