Isaiah 5:1-7 Wild Grapes

Isaiah 5:1-7

God had done everything for his people. “What more could I have done,” the Lord asked (v 4).

God had:

• dug
• cleared
• planted
• built
• hewed

The work. The sacrifice. The effort.

It was not unreasonable to expect his people to be fruitful (v 4 – yield grapes).

And, yet, rebellion is what the people offered.

I would love to gasp and clutch my pearls and act horrified at such a response from the house of Israel. But, instead, I feel like we are not that different.

The work. The sacrifice. The effort God made on our behalf.

His Son.

His beloved Son.

And we worry. We doubt. We get angry. We envy. We are unmerciful. Ungracious. Unkind.

The Lord desires fruitfulness and we deliver rebellion time and again.

And I hear Him say, “What more could I have done?”

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