Isaiah 5:8-30 Woe and Therefore

Isaiah 5:8-30

Lots of woes and therefores in this passage. But one really stood out to me.

Watch how this works.

“They do not regard the deeds of the Lord or see the work of his hands…” (v 12)

The people paid no attention to the things of God. They did not meditate on his ways. They did not acknowledge his works.


“My people go into exile for lack of knowledge.” (v 13)

Another way to read that is “they go into exile without their knowledge.”

When they entered a season of exile – they did so without knowledge of his goodness and faithfulness.

We need to be hiding God’s Word in our hearts. Meditating on it throughout our days. Seeking him always. Looking for ways and places that he is at work.

Then – when exile comes – we will have a wealth of wisdom and promises from which to draw.

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