F260 Bible Reading: Exodus 24-25

They saw God. They beheld Him and they ate and drank in His presence. They promised their complete and total obedience. They committed to do all the things and follow all the instructions.

It was all so easy while still riding the high of deliverance from Egypt and enjoying a feast at His feet.

But then they are told to “wait.” They’re full of adrenaline and ready for God to put them in the game and, instead, they find themselves on the bench waiting for further instructions.

And they don’t just wait until the next quarter of the game or until half time. It’s days and days. Nights and nights. Waiting.

Often, we want God to give us a to-do list so that we can take part (and perhaps credit) for the work He’s about to do in our lives or the lives of those around us. “Put me in the game, God! I’ll show them what I’ve got. I’ll make the winning shot. Come on, put me in!”

I know that’s none of us – let’s just all pretend we “have a friend” who is sometimes this way.

And God is like, “No. I want you to wait. I want you to trust me.”

I don’t know what you’re waiting on, friend, but we’re all waiting on something. Let’s wait well . Let’s wait faithfully for the One who says, as Moses did to the people, “Wait here and I will return to you.” Jesus makes that same promise to us (John 14:3.)

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