Only God Can do God Things

My prayer so often these days has been, “What am I supposed to do, Lord?”

What am I supposed to do for the widower who, with tears in his eyes, tells me that he’s lonely?

What am I supposed to do for the heartbroken mother who cries because she can’t take care of her children?

What am I supposed to do with this person who exhibits zero evidence of the faith they claim?

What am I supposed to do for the prodigal who just isn’t ready to come home?

Because the truth is that I can’t bring his wife back, bring her children back, change her heart, or make someone choose Christ. Only God can do God things.

I’ve found that I feel anxious and overwhelmed when I don’t stay in my lane. It’s frustrating when I try to do what only God can do.

My job is to love people. My job is to pray for people. And my job is to point them to Jesus. And, you know what? Those are all things that I’m perfectly capable of doing.

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