#F260 Bible Reading: Exodus 8-9

Today’s #f260 reading is Exodus 8-9. And I was struck by the amount of absolute chaos that must have been taking place. Frogs covering the land. Then gnats everywhere you look. Flies taking over. Livestock begin dying. Powerful hail falling from the sky.

Confusion. Chaos. Fear.

But, in the midst of the swirling drama, God says two things that I believe can give us hope in today’s chaotic world.

👉The Lord will make a distinction between the livestock of Israel and the livestock of Egypt (Exodus 9:4.) What looks like chaos to us is perfectly clear and calm to the Lord. Nothing is spinning out of control. 2 Timothy 2:19 tells us that the Lord knows who are His.

👉The Lord put Pharaoh in power so that the Lord’s power could be shown and His name glorified. Instead, Pharaoh chose to exalt himself (Exodus 9:16-17.) Daniel 2:21 and Romans 13:1 tell us that the Lord places people in places of authority. It doesn’t matter who sits on the throne, in the Oval Office, or any other authoritative position – God is the one in control.

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