A Heart Moved to Give

Moses was only told to receive from those whose hearts were moved to give. You see, God didn’t need their gifts any more than he needs our tithes. What He was and is interested in is hearts that desire to give. Generosity was the real gift they were giving.

Also, no one was denied the opportunity to give. Look at Exodus 25:1-8. Do you have gold and silver? Great, I can use that. Do you have linen and yarn? Wonderful, I can use that too. All you can offer is some goat’s hair? What a coincidence; that’s exactly what I need!

On and on. Spices, stones, oil – if you have it and you are moved to offer it – I can use it. That’s what God tells the people. And, guess what, it’s the same for us.

We can never look at all the needs in the world and think God can’t use what we have to offer. Are you blessed financially? Great, He can use that. Do you have a talent (the answer, by the way, is yes)? Wonderful, He can use it. You’re home bound and think “all you can do is pray”? What a coincidence; it’s just what He wants from you!

The only question to be asked is – is your heart moved to give?

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