Into the Wilderness

Do you ever find yourself in a wilderness and wonder how in the world you got there? I’ve always been intrigued by this passage (Hosea 2:14-15.)

God’s people had been unfaithful. They had continually turned their backs and chased after false gods. They did not acknowledge all that God had provided. The people suffer for it all.

Then, God says, ”I will bring my people into the wilderness.” He will ”speak tenderly” to them there. It will be a place of hope. They will respond as they did when they were first set free.

Do you see it? The wilderness wasn’t a place of punishment. It was a chance for the people to reconnect with their God, to restore their hope, and to renew their faith.

How many of us have been guilty of chasing things/people/accomplishments instead of God? How many times do we fail to show gratitude for the things God has graciously provided? Perhaps, if we look around and see wilderness, God is wooing us away to reconnect.

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