Even (Especially) in Affliction

Today’s #f260 reading begins with a reminder of what Joseph had already been through. Sold into slavery by his brothers. Taken down into Egypt and sold again.

👉One study tip is to think beyond just the facts of the story. We may think that we can’t relate to Joseph’s situation, but we can. Have you ever been betrayed by someone dear to you? Have you ever been afraid? Have you ever worried about what was coming next? Yeah, me too. See, we do understand Joseph.👈

Then we have this beautiful reminder that the Lord was with Joseph. So much with him that it was obvious to those who were witnesses to his affliction. (Genesis 39:2-3)

Then, the hardship continues when Joseph is falsely accused and thrown into prison. More injustice. More heartache. More uncertainty.

But God… (Genesis 39:21-23) He was still with Joseph, stilling loving and providing for Joseph, and others could still see it.

Whatever we find ourselves struggling with this morning. Whatever loss we are grappling with. Whatever injustice we’re enduring.

The Lord is with us. His steadfast love and faithfulness guide us each step of the way.

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