This I Know

Our hope comes from what we know. Not what we feel. Not what we see. Not what someone else has said. We are far too free with words like hope and love.

I hope I am good enough. πŸ‘ˆ This means I’m hoping in myself.

I hope he or she likes/accepts/chooses me. πŸ‘ˆThis places our hope in someone else.

I hope this works out the way I want. I hope I get that job/spouse/thing. I hope the doctor is wrong. I hope the doctor is right. πŸ‘ˆThis places our hope in our circumstances.

My favorite psalm is Psalm 56. The writer feels lost, afraid, oppressed, sad, attacked. Can you relate? Have you ever been overlooked, uninvited, rejected, misunderstood, forgotten, abandoned, anxious, overwhelmed? πŸ™‹β€β™€οΈ

There is hope. But it isn’t found in our feelings. It isn’t seen in our circumstances.

This I know… (Psalm 56:9)

Our hope is found in what we know. And the psalmist knew that God was for him.

Whatever you have going on today – whatever the new week brings – whatever pain you are trying to process – whatever loss still lingers – God is for you.

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