Step by Step

Every time I say, “yes,” to God – I feel one step closer to the finish line.

Every act of obedience that didn’t come easy. Every time I trusted when I could have turned back. Every time I chose grace over a grudge. Every time I’ve overlooked an offense.

Step. Step. Step.

Paul described the life of faith as a race. And that makes sense to me. I ran a marathon last year – okay, fine, it was a 5k. But it was New Year’s Day and 10 degrees so it felt like a marathon.

At the beginning of the race, I was so concerned with looking like I was a “runner.” Like it came easy. Like I did this running thing all the time. I was overly interested in every person (and there were many) who passed me.

But, by the end, I just wanted to finish well. I didn’t want to quit what I had started. I wasn’t trying to beat anyone else. I wasn’t judging the ones I passed. All I wanted to do was run the race set before “me,” as Scripture says.

When I crossed the finish line, I literally collapsed on the ground exhausted. But my husband helped me to my feet with the biggest smile and said, “You did it! I’m so proud of you!” And, you know what, I felt wonderful.

There will be some painful moments. Instances where you literally fall face down. Times when you don’t feel like another breath is possible. Just keep moving. One more yes. One more act of obedience. Step. Step. Step.

Because I promise you, when you get to heaven and Jesus smiles at you and says, “Well done, good and faithful servant.” It will feel wonderful.

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