How to Endure to the End

In today’s #f260 reading, Jesus describes how we should respond at the end of the age.

👉Do not be led astray (Matthew 24:4.)

👉Do not be alarmed (Matthew 24:6.)

This tells me that Satan will be pulling from his same, old, boring bag of tricks. Distraction and fear are always the enemy’s game.

And do you know why he keeps using the same tactics? Because they work! Look what Jesus says.

👉Many will be led astray (vs 5.)

👉Many will fall away, betray one another and hate one another (vs 10.)

👉Many will be led astray (vs 11.)

👉The love of many will grow cold (vs 12.)

The enemy’s tricks will work on – not a couple or a few or some – but MANY. How can we endure to the end (vs 13?)

👉We refuse to be led astray. We choose devotion over distractions.

👉We refuse to be alarmed. We choose faith over fear. We do not fear what others fear (Isaiah 8:12.)

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