Every Branch

Every branch in me that does not bear fruit he takes away. John 15:2

Every branch.

Every activity. Every relationship. Everything we call ministry that is really self promotion. Every pedestal we have created for ourselves. Every act of service which has served to distract us from the Savior.

Every branch that isn’t fruitful. That doesn’t bring God glory. That doesn’t spread the gospel. That doesn’t make disciples. That doesn’t result in loving our neighbors. That doesn’t make Him increase and me decrease.

Those branches have to go.

And sometimes they fall easily. We’ve seen them beginning to rot and we’ve realized their danger. We see the wisdom in removing them.

Others branches we don’t realize are unfruitful until we feel the first cut. The sting of the saw catches us off guard and we can’t imagine life without that branch. We try to cling to the very branch that needs to be cut.

Then, when it’s gone, we feel a weight lifted that we didn’t even know we carried. We see other areas of our lives flourish. We see fruitfulness in unexpected areas.

We must trust the Master gardener to prune as he sees fit. To cut what needs to be cut. To take away what needs taken away.

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