Don’t Sit in Shame. Go in Grace.

We act surprised every time a prominent leader is found to have failed financially or morally. We gasp and clutch our pearls as if it’s never happened before. But, as Solomon taught us, there is nothing new under the sun.

Today’s #f260 reading is painful to read and, yet, encouraging at the same time. We have a group of men who were Jesus’ inner circle. His confidants.

They were, in Matthew 26:35, all completely devoted to Jesus.

Then, in verse 56, they all deserted and denied Jesus.

When things became uncomfortable, they fled. They fell. They failed.

Do you know what Jesus did? He died for them. He conquered death for them. He mocked the grave for them. And, then, he came to them.

I love Mark 16:14-15. Jesus entered the room where these men sat- the ones who had promised devotion but provided betrayal – and he sent them on mission.

Their failings did not render them useless. Jesus did not leave them sitting in shame in the upper room. He extended grace, mercy and forgiveness to them and gave them purpose and work to do.

Whatever your past failings – there is no condemnation for those in Christ. He still has fruitful labor for you to do.

Don’t sit in shame; go in grace.

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