Revelation 11:1-19

Revelation 11:1-19

👉 John is told (v 1-2):

• to measure the temple of God, the altar, and those who worship there

• to not measure the court outside the temple because it was given over to the nations to trample for 42 months [again – the time limit – the reminder that God sets the parameters – God is in charge]

👉 Two witnesses (v 3-12):

• given authority

• prophesy for 1,260 days

• clothed in sackcloth

• represented by olive trees [see Zechariah 4:11]

• represent all that the Lamb has redeemed

• power to shut the sky [Elijah – 1 Kings 17:1]

• turn water into blood [Moses – Exodus 7:20]

• martyred

• resurrected

• called home

👉 Seventh trumpet (v 15-19):

• loud voices in heaven

• 24 elders fell on their faces and worshipped

• God’s temple opened

• ark of the covenant is seen

• lightening, thunder, earthquake, hail

There has been a lot of suffering and torment taking place but – at the blast of the final trumpet – things begin to happen.

Voices are heard in heaven.

The elders fall down and worship.

God’s temple is opened and the ark – which always represented his presence in Scripture – is seen.

It’s go time.

It’s time (v 18) for:

• the dead to be judged
• the saints to be rewarded
• the destroyers to be destroyed

👉 The rewarding of the saints (v 11-12)

Are you ready for this?

• those who had been dead will receive a breath of life from God

• they will stand up on their feet

• they will hear a loud voice from heaven saying, “Come up here!”

Y’all. Seriously. You think it would have been cool to be there when Jesus told Lazarus to, “Come out”? (John 11:43)

Wait until he tells all his saints to, “Come up here!”

I. can’t. wait.

Happy Friday, friends!

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