Revelation 2:18-29

Revelation 2:18-29

Thyratira was the smallest of the seven churches and yet, even so, the Lord still knew all that was taking place there (v 19).

Praises – the church had:

• love
• faith
• service
• patient endurance

And they had them in increasing measure – they were growing in these areas.

But the Lord had a serious critique for the church. They were being tolerant of false teaching which was leading people – God’s people – astray (v 20-21).

How often do we hear the word “tolerance” these days?

👉 What do we tolerate in the church these days that leads people astray? It’s definitely something to think about.

The Lord gave the false prophetess time to repent (v 21) because he is merciful.

But, when she did not, he sent tribulation (v 22) because he is also just.

👉 But – for those not led astray – for those who remain faithful to the end – they are promised:

• authority over the nations


• the morning star

👉 Why is it a big deal to receive the morning star? Jump ahead to Revelation 22:16 – go ahead. I’ll wait.
Do you see it?

The one who remains faithful to the end gets Jesus. Jesus told the small church – the one faithful in many ways – that they needed to stand up to the false teaching taking place. They needed to stand firm on the truth and – if they did – Jesus said, “You get me.”

Yes, Lord. Make it so.

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