Ezra 4:1-6 Five Tricks of the Adversary

Ezra 4:1-6

The adversary – the enemy, the foe, – heard that the people were building a temple to the Lord (v 1).

The enemy knows when we desire to do things for the Lord.

Maybe we want to quit that bad habit.

Perhaps we want to be more serious about our faith.

Or it could be that we feel led to serve in a certain way.

It could be that we are called to forgive or seek forgiveness.

Maybe – we are just trying to trust Him more.

Whatever the case – the enemy is aware of it. He doesn’t like it and he will try to stop it.

Five Ways the Adversary Attempts to Stop You

  1. He will try to deceive you (v 2).

It’s the garden all over again. It’s lying and twisting of words. He will pretend to be on your side, in your corner, just one of the gang.

  1. He will try to discourage you (v 4).

He will try to convince you that it’s pointless. Things will never change. You will never change. It is what it is and it can never be anything else.

  1. He will try to scare you (v 4).

What if you’re wrong? What if you fail? What will people think? It will never work. Who do you think you are?

  1. He will try to frustrate you and your efforts (v 4).

It will be too hard. It will take too long. You’re not smart enough, strong enough, good enough, etc.

  1. He will wrongfully accuse you (v 6).

He will question your motives, your ability to discern God’s will, interpret God’s Word. He will attempt to shame you with reminders of things of which you’ve already been forgiven.

The enemy is crafty but he isn’t creative. Same old boring bag of tricks. But he keeps using them because they keep working.

👉 Here is an easy way to know if what you’re thinking is direction from the Lord or deception from the enemy.

Deception, discouragement, fear, frustration, and shame are always from the enemy. [Someone needs to hear this today.]

Psalm 145:17 tells us that the Lord is righteous in everything he does and is filled with kindness.

The Lord is for you, friends. He is for you.

You are loved.

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