Luke 23:26-43 The Cast of the Crucifixion

Luke 23:26-43

The Cast of the Crucifixion

• Simon of Cyrene – pulled from the crowd and forced to carry Jesus’ cross (v 26)

• a great multitude of people and women – mourning and lamenting (v 27)

• two criminals crucified with him – Luke clarified that these were in fact criminals and one criminal admits they they are receiving the due reward for their deeds (v 33)

• people were watching – crucifixions were meant to be a public spectacle (v 35)

• rulers were scoffing (v 35)

• soldiers were mocking (v 36)

• one of the criminals railed at him (v 39)

• the other criminal acknowledged his guilt and placed faith in Jesus – a deathbed confession (v 41-42)

👉 And there was Jesus – who had done nothing wrong (v 41) – hanging on a cross – offering forgiveness (v 34) and salvation (v 43) as he took his final breaths.

Hallelujah – what a savior.

You are loved.

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